Wednesday, April 14, 2010

10 Assorted Illustrations

This image was commissioned for an ad campaign for a sports radio station. After preparing the ink illustration you see here the image was then scanned and colour, shading and highlights were added using Adobe Photoshop. It appeared on printed materials, billboards and television. This was done as a subcontract job, and as is often the case, I never got to see any of the completed materials.

These guys were for a t-shirt design for a team called "Bowling Buddies".

This rough pen drawing of a crazy mailman was originally created for a popular gaming website. The client really liked the look of the rough drawing, so we used it as-is. Colour, shading and highlights were added later.

This was completed as part of a project when I was in college. I originally started trying to draw this in my angsty teen years but had not yet developed the skill to do a satisfactory job of it.

This is from a series of t-shirts I illustrated for a client. There were about 6 different designs, each with the same beaver getting angry or in some sort of peril.

The happy lumberjack is from a little novelty project I never completed. "Logger Lager... the beer in the wood-grained can!"

There was a highschool ski team in a town where I worked in a screen printing shop. They wore yellow ski suits and called themselves, "The Skiing Bananas". This was created for some team shirts.

This was drawn for a local sign company to fit on the side of their van. The back foot/leg/tail goes over the back tire and the front tire is in front of the dragon's jaw.
The paddling bean was originally drawn to be used in a logo design for an outdoorsy coffee shop. The client never completed the project and the illustration was never used.

Sharks on bikes!!! This one was just for fun.

This was the result of a miscommunication with a client. They asked for a cartoon boxer whose name was going to be "Spuds". What I didn't realize was they wanted a boxing potato. (Spuds the Grade A Finghtin' Potato).


  1. That paddling coffee bean has ALWAYS been my favorite. I think you should colour it, frame it and put it up in the kitchen.

    Skiing Bananas. HAHAHAH.

  2. I thought you were going to say the boxer was meant to be a dog of the Boxer breed... or maybe a Chinese rebel from the Boxer Rebellion.

    Awesome, though, really. Who knew Beck's husband was so wildly talented in his own right? I'm so glad you started this.

  3. Great toons. I admire your work. Started out college Graphic Design, then realized that I lack the ability to be brilliant on demand(I can only manage occasional borderline brilliant).

  4. Do I detect panic in the coffee bean's eyes? Is he about to be ground and filtered?

  5. I wish I could draw. These are incredible!

    The bowling illustration makes me think that I would enjoy bowling more if only someone would carry me on their back. Eliminating the need to walk would let me focus more intensely on my shot.

  6. These are so much fun. My husband would love the bowling and golfing ones. But I love the shark on bike because I know my grandson would think it was way cool.


  7. These are amazing! The coffee bean is my favourite too.

  8. If he owned one, my 5 yo son would wear the t-shirt with the bicycling shark on it every day it was not in the laundry, or hanging up to dry with the creepy clothespins (although why it's riding sidesaddle, I can't figure out). Love it.